I know, I know, but I have a good excuse...?

Brian, his dad, Ron, and Stella at the Geology Museum

I know, I KNOW, I've been quiet on here of late.  That's because I was g-o-n-e GONE! Yep, I got to leave my house for a whole week and two weekends.  It was lovely, too short, too long of a drive and lovely.  Did I mention lovely? It was! I didn't have to worry about all the millions of things I should be doing and instead got to visit and relax a bit. 

What did we do exactly?
  • Friday - drove to NE
  • Saturday - visited the gorgeous Tiffany and her family and as a bonus got to meet the beautiful Alicia & her family.  It was so nice to catch up and I wish we'd had more time but we had to jump back in the car and drive the rest of the way to WI.
  • Sunday - recovered? I don't think we did anything special just played games, visited, etc.  It rained like crazy
  • Monday - went to the Geology Museum at the University of Wisconsin, visited Ella's Deli and did a little shopping at Farm & Fleet
  • Tuesday - went to Dubuque, IA to visit the great-grandparents
  • Wednesday - went over near Milwaukee to visit Brian's brother & family.  Snowed and snowed today
  • Thursday - I don't really recall?
  • Friday - went out to breakfast, shopping at Shopko and then that evening Brian's sister & family came to visit.  This was the super cold day of our visit, only single digits for highs.
  • Saturday - more playing with cousins followed by driving
  • Sunday - endless driving
Now that we're back, we have 1,000,001 things to do.  I had to write it all out as it was scrambling my brain trying to keep it all straight.  I did a list of todo's:

To Do        Priority Time? When
bag up games 1    ½ day february
clean girl's room 1    1-2 days february
clean out spare room 1    1-3 days february
clean out spare room closet 1    1 day february
clean up magazines in my room 1    ½ day february
decide on pics for gallery wall 1    ½ day february
finish painting living room 1    2-3 days february
get estimates for house painting 1    ½ day february
get perm filling 1    ½ day february
My closet and clothes 1    ½ day february
organize girls' clothes 1    1 day february
paint frames for gallery wall 1    ½ day february
print pics for gallery wall 1    ½ day february
sort out crafts (kids) 1    1 day february
sort out crafts (mine) 1    1 day february
downstairs toys 2    1 day
laundry room clothes 2    1 day
paint kitchen 3    2-3 days
laundry room toys, etc 3    1-2 days
compost bin? 4   

paint floors 4    2-5 days
paint hall 4    1 day
prime floors 4    2-5 days
stencil floors 4    5+ days
tear out carpet – living room & hall 4    2-3 days
tear out linoleum 4    2-3 days

What we have to do each week for appointments and such:
Pony Lessons
Dance practice
Therapy (every-other week)
Therapy group
Work (me)
Archery (I think, starts in a couple weeks)

And every month:
Group Violin
Psych in Denver

Plus the extras for February:
Hearts & Horses, deliver bears
Kid's Club at Library
LEAP Ice Skating @ Centerra
Fiber fun fest
Shooting sports mtg
Chicken mtg
Deliver hats at MCR

And March:
Livestock field day
Sante Fe
Soccer starts (2 practices + 1 game every week)

Oh, and I almost forgot that we need to get our taxes done!

This is why I like vacation.  I can forget about all of the above and do whatever I want, which was embroider a dish towel, play games, go shopping, and do a lot of visiting.  I think I need another one of those vacations RIGHT. NOW.

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