4H experiments are fun. No really, they are. Ok, they aren't

The other day, I had a most unusual awakening.  First, I was woken up numerous times on the couch by dogs.  Why was I on the couch? Because Stella "couldn't sleep" in her bed and decided sleeping underneath me would be better.  It worked for her.  Not so much for me, I moved.
But, sadly that's not the unusual part.  No, for my final awakening of the morning, I got a jar of nondescript green sludge in my face.  The child holding said jar was asking to put it in the oven.  Wait, what?

You see, it's a 4H experiment.  For Veterinary Science.  She has many, many jars with a cup of either rabbit pellet food or hay in them.  Then she adds water to half of them.  Then they sit around the house.  Some open, some closed.  Some with water, some without.  Some in the refrigerator, some on the table.  This particular one needed to be kept at 80 degrees so could she put it in the oven?

No.  Um, the oven doesn't even have an 80 degree setting, why didn't she wait until mid-day when it actually was 80 degrees outside? Because, muth-er (word indicated intense disappointment in and stupidity of person at whom it is directed,) it needs to be 80 degrees for two weeks.

Two weeks.  She wants to put a jar of mushy rabbit food in the oven for two weeks.

She was sorely disappointed that I didn't have a method for her to accomplish this temperature stability for her experiment.  And she was even more disappointed when I asked why she was wasting such large quantities of rabbit food.  I had ruined the experiment.  Now she knew the outcome! You mean you didn't figure out that dumping water onto rabbit food would spoil it?


Just think, only six more experiments to go.


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