Stop taunting me!

This is where the photo came from. You should not go there, to facebook or to the app store or you too will be addicted to those little hot dogs and tear drops and whathaveyou.

Dear Candy Crush,

I understand the need to explain how to play your little game, even though it is pretty self-evident.  However, after failing (thanks for the banner stating that I failed, I couldn't figure that out on my own,) multiple times at the same level, telling me cheerily to, "clear all the jellies!" is really just taunting.  And taunting is not nice.  Didn't your parents teach you better than that?

Shawn (who is ever so glad that this is the worst thing to happen today.)


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Fine print
*       - not even scientifically studied.  If it has been, I have not read about it.
**     - not true
***   - totally NOT a coincidence
**** - your body won't care at all.  Thanks will not be forthcoming.


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