Coup d'etat

We've had our chickens for almost a year now.  I can now completely comprehend the hilarity of the "Henny Penny the sky is falling" story.  A chicken would totally think the sky was falling if something fell on its head.  She would half fly, half run around the yard, cackling and clucking about the end of the world.  I'm not sure she would remember long enough to engage other species in her "the world is ending" quest, but surely she could get her sisters involved.  Because if one chicken is scared of something, the rest are bound to be freaked out too.  Survival mechanism, I'm sure. Also, damn funny to watch.  If you are in desperate need of a laugh, you've got to see a stampede of chickens across the yard.

This lack of bravery on the part of chickens is why it strikes me as particularly funny when people post on Craigslist about "Chicken Coups" for sale.  A chicken could not possible lead up a coup.  The thought of chickens revolting against anything is just ludicrous. A loud noise, a shadow, a hard rain drop simulating the sky falling would send them into a tizzy.  They would be less imposing than the British knights facing the French in the Holy Grail.

Brian thinks that maybe if you had enough chickens, they could overwhelm you with sheer numbers.  I have been in a Tyson barn of 10,000 chickens.  You would need a lot more than that.  A lot.

And who would want to buy a chicken coup? Most people want chickens for their eggs.  Some for meat.  A few for random reasons like they are nice ambiance or what have you.  None of those reasons seems compatible with a revolt.

So who is buying these chicken coups?


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