Kick it!

BC (Before Children,) Brian swore that his children would never play soccer.  The game was too popular among kids who didn't even care about the World Cup on TV.  Who would play a game and then not care about that same game? Plus, people were always whining about how their kids played soccer on Saturday and that was in competition with their attending Ram football games.  And, of course there's always the, "the game is boring" defense.

Enter a 6 year old Sandis.  She ran all the Healthy Kids runs and for a prize, received a gift card to Dick's Sporting Goods.  With shining eyes fixed upon her prize, she announced, "I want to buy a soccer ball with my card!" 

"Really," I asked, "do you want to play soccer?"  A resounding, "yes!"  No idea why or how she came up with the idea.  She didn't know anyone who played, had never tried it out in the backyard, but she wanted to play.

That next spring, she became a soccer player.  She hasn't missed a spring or fall season since, even doing a couple camps, several tournaments and a 3v3 league.  She has no interest in any other sport.  Doesn't care to take music lessons of any kind.  Just playing soccer is enough.

And guess what? Brian doesn't care.  He does tease her that other sports are better, to which she responds that they are NOT, but he is just glad she's found a sport she likes.  It keeps her somewhat active, gives her a team of girls to hang with, and something she loves.  What more could a dad want? 

Not shy when going for the ball, unlike when speaking to people she doesn't know well.

She really has enjoyed playing goalie the last few seasons.  They rotate at the position, so she's one of several goalies.

Going after the ball to take it away from the opponent, her favorite part.

At the year-end party everyone received new soccer balls and signed each others.


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