Bunnies, bunnies and more bunnies!

Last summer I decided I wanted rabbits.  After much debate, and after talking to our friend Sue, we decided on Palominos.  Palominos are a pretty, golden rabbit that are also friendly and calm.  And big because they are meat rabbits.  Now some may not like the idea of eating bunnies, but think about 1) if you aren't vegetarian, well, this is humanely raised meat. 2) I couldn't see breeding a slew of pets that had no homes, that seemed irresponsible.

In any case, our two does have been good mothers with large litters so we have lots of bunnies now.  .  Currently 18 and expecting another litter any day.  Here is our journey, in pictures:

Naked baby bunnies, Day 1 (Harn's babies)

Nine days old, look, there's some fur! (Wenet's babies)

A bit cuter at 11 days, fur AND eyes open (Harn's baby)

19 days, the peak of cuteness (Harn's baby)

Wenet and some of her many babies who are 5.5 wks

The does at 9.5 weeks old.  Weighed in at 3.2 lbs last Wednesday (Harn's babies)

Some of the bucks chillin', 9.5 wks old.(Harn's babies)

The does in their hutch (Harn's babies)

And the bucks in theirs.(Harn's babies)

New rabbit shed for the 6-hole cage.

That's all so far.  Now to wait for Harn's latest litter (any day) and Wenet's in a couple weeks.  Then we have to choose the best of them for the Fair.


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