Physically and emotionally exhausted


Ever have one of those lives? You know the kind, you have to run here and run there and work and come home and take the kids somewhere but oh wait, the thing for the kids has changed. Oh and school work and testing, you have to test your kids.  Except you don't but you do because they don't want to have to talk to someone they don't know.  And then there's an emergency.  Not yours but it affects you anyway.  And then there's that other stuff you have to do like clean the house.  And take showers.  And get dressed.  And feed yourself. 

Fuck, life is just too long and busy. 

Luckily it slows down, just a bit, for the next couple of days.  I might get to sleep in.  Or take a nap.  Or drink myself into oblivion.  Ok, not that last one, but maybe some of the sleep stuff can happen.  That would be nice, right?


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Fine print
*       - not even scientifically studied.  If it has been, I have not read about it.
**     - not true
***   - totally NOT a coincidence
**** - your body won't care at all.  Thanks will not be forthcoming.


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