Quiet, shhhhhh!

Yes, it's been quiet around the blog the last few weeks.

First of all, it's been a crazy couple of weeks.  The kids have dance, camp, swim lessons, puppet practice, play practice, violin, baby sitting, 4H, library classes and other things I'm sure my addled brain has forgotten.  On top of that, I've been working every day.  Between 8am and 8pm, I'm pretty much either in a car working or heading to an event, or else at that event.  It is exhausting! Especially for me, the one who needs the downtime and the naps and the rest. Did I mention naps? Yeah, I love those.  Haven't gotten any lately.  Well, unless you count the 5 min where I fell asleep in the library waiting for Sandis to get out of her class.  The one where Stella woke me up.  Why? Because, "Mommy, you fell asleep!"  Yep, doesn't count. 

But, also, I am reflecting on how lucky I am to be in this position.  You see, on June 14th, my nephew was hit by a car while riding a lawn tractor.  He is in critical condition, in a medically induced coma.  While I've been going through a hellish few weeks, it is nothing compared to what my BIL, SIL and niece are dealing with.  Their son/brother has an uncertain future and they can only wait and pray and learn what they can from doctors.

It always amazes me how the world doesn't stop when things like this happen.  I keep thinking that we shouldn't have to do anything other than work on making everything better for my nephew.  I shouldn't be working.  Or taking kids to swim lessons.  And other people certainly shouldn't be celebrating their happiness.  This horrible thing has happened, don't they know that?! 

I wake every morning thinking of my nephew.  He is my last thought before falling asleep.  I think of him often during the day.  The baby boy who was so excited to receive a toothbrush for Christmas - he ripped open the package and started brushing immediately.  The toddler who dragged our dog around for a week (don't worry, it was Nikki the Basset hound, she LOVED it, probably more than he did.) The young man who just made Eagle Scout.  The geeky kid who was obsessed with computer keyboards. Another Walter family member who enjoyed watching Monty Python and the Princess Bride. 

I'm sure I'll be back to posting all the inane things my kids say and do.  My petty rants.  My musings on life.  But for now, it all seems to pale in comparison to the heath crisis of my nephew.

It may be quiet here for awhile.




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