Bizarre yearnings on a Sunday afternoon...

Allow me to give you a small glimpse into the chaotic ramblings that inhabit Stella's brain..

Stella sees a football player on the sidelines using an oxygen mask.  She lights up, "mommy, if I play football when I grow up, can I have an oxygen mask?"

So many thoughts go through my head.  Things like why she would want to receive oxygen.  Or play football.  I answer that if she played in the NFL as an adult, she may get to use an oxygen mask, but this is unlikely as she has never wanted to play football, ever.  I asked if she wanted to play now.  No, she doesn't.

"Ok, what other ways can you get to have an oxygen mask," she asks, clearly, not giving up easily.

Brian says that if you plane crashes, you get an oxygen mask.

"No, that's for something bad that happens. I don't want bad things to happen. How else can you get one," she posits.

"Well," I say, "you sister had one as a baby when she was really sick."

"How come she got to have an oxygen mask when she was a baby and I didn't," Stella sneers.

This is Stella.


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