The Doctor's (other) Daughter

Sandis has become British.

She woke up yesterday with a British accent that hasn't left.  I am her "fake mummy," because I can't be her actual mother, being that I'm not British.  Her sister is "small child," or occasionally, "fake sissy."  She keeps asking for cheese crisps and wishing that her football season wasn't over.  Much more babbling when you are British, I've found.

The story is that she is really The Doctor's ginger child.  He implanted fake memories into our family so that we think she's our child, but really The Doctor gave her to us for safe keeping.  Some day, he will return for her.

Having seen the show, I can't argue with the logic.

Sandis' "Fake Da" has challenged her to keep up the British accent for an entire week.  She was British today at the dentist, but didn't speak during the library program.  Not sure if that counts or not.  She's planning on doing it tomorrow at quasi-school.  Should be quite the shock for her teachers.

BTW, her accent is quite good, to an unrefined American ear.  All from watching Dr Who and Harry Potter.
I guess she was inexplicably "from Boston" a bit as toddler.


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