Of course you did

The kids have had 11 days of quasi-school this year.  I've had 2 days of lunch duty, 2 days of helping in class, 1 day of sick kid, 1 day of bringing in the lizard for show-and-tell, 1 day of bringing cupcakes for a birthday and 2 forgotten lunches.  As you can see, that leaves me with two, TWO, days that I have not had to go back to their school during the day.

This week I told them that since it was my birthday, and since I didn't have lunch duty, I did NOT want to worry about having to schlep forgotten lunches.

What did they say when we get out of the car? "We forgot our lunch."

Of course you did.

It was out of the fridge and. in. their. hand. before we left.  But, they set it down to pick up something else (oooh, shiny!) and left it at home.  So on the one day I don't have to go back to school, the one day I should have to myself, I drive their lunch to school.

This is my life.


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