Happy Birthday to me?

What do you say when you turn 44? I'm really not sure.  I've not had a great year, that goes without saying.  I really don't want to rehash that mess today, now do I? No, no, I most certainly do not.

Did I do 44 interesting things this year? Or learn 44 new bits of knowledge? Or???

I guess I'll say that I survived 8.295x44 days.  Yes, I did.  I made it through.  That is the best thing that happened this year.  But there were some other good things, I suppose.  I'll start with 10 good things that happened this year:

  1. We had 25 baby rabbits survive and thrive
  2. The 5 breeding rabbits are doing well too
  3. We got a new dog
  4. Sandis got her blue-tongued skink
  5. We have 6 happy chickens in the coop
  6. My car is still running
  7. And so is Brian's
  8. Sandis did very well in the county fair with both rabbits and vet science
  9. Stella's dances both did well and went to state fair
  10. Stella has a whole new group of friends that are HER friends, from dance

And follow with a few good things about today:

  1. Two words, Gingerbread Latte
  2. Many episodes of Torchwood
  3. Some knitting
  4. Alone time
  5. Time with Brian
  6. It's not hot
  7. I don't have to work
  8. Lovely birthday messages on FB
  9. Some writing done
  10. Some errands done
Now I need to build this new year up bit by bit, until, one year from today, I have 45 reasons that the past year was amazing


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