The day Stella was born and some baby rabbits didn't make it


So, I might have just uttered the sentence, "It is 8:30pm, I haven't had any dinner, I'm hungry and trying to clean up the kitchen enough to make something to eat, please, go wash your dead rabbits in the bathroom."

Yeah, maybe having the baby rabbits due on Stella's birthday wasn't such a good idea seeing as how Mayahuel is an abysmal mother.  Of course, we didn't know that given that it's her first litter.  Still, RIP Mr BoJangles and two siblings.  Let's hope the remaining ones make it.


In better news, STELLA IS TEN!!! Double digits, a whole decade, the big 1-0.  She is thrilled.  And she's glad she was well enough to go to quasi-school, because, as she said, "it would be horrible to have to miss school on your birthday!"  Yes, that is what all the cool kids say.  At least, all the cool kids who go to school one day a week, and get to take super fun classes like Animalia and Geography Through Art.

She had cake twice today. Twice. And she got a Rainbow Loom, which she's desperately wanted for months now.  She thought she wasn't getting one as none of the packages looked big enough.  Ha! I was so tricky having Sandis wrap it in the box it came in :)  She got several other gifts from us and her grandparents - cds, a new purse, more rainbow loom bands, B&N gift card, Piggly Wiggly sweatshirt, money.  She's a pretty stylin' ten yr old.


And now, to write directly to Stella, my baby, my last baby.

Stella, I can't believe you are ten.  How on earth did I end up with a BABY who is TEN? The years have flown by.  It seems like yesterday that you were born, and yet, I barely remember that time.  I do remember some, and when I tell you stories, you always laugh and smile.  You love the stories from when you were a little girl.

I know that you don't always have it easy.  Life isn't fair.  You are the youngest.  You have impulse control issues, ADHD, anxiety - these make life harder for you to navigate at times.  Still, through it all, you are loving and sweet.  You have moments when we want to strangle you, but then you turn around and offer your last cookie to someone who doesn't have one.  You offer to help without being asked.  You give hugs when you see someone down.  Your kindness knows no bounds.

Those things that people may see as problems now, will be called "spunk" and "fire" when you are older.  I don't worry about you, my girl, you will have your way with this world.

I love you from the bottom of my heart, Stella.  I truly do.


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