Nail polish NOT for chickens, woohoo!

For my birthday, I received some nail polish.  Three different colors picked out by the three members of my family.  As Stella used two of them to paint my toenails, she exclaimed, "and these are not for chickens or kids, these nail polishes are only for mommy."

Good to know that I don't have to share with the chickens & children, because if I did, the polish bottles would be scattered about the back yard instead of put away on the lovely shelf I made.

And yes, the children DO paint the chicken's toenails.  The chickens seem to not mind this procedure.  They look on in confusion (which is a pretty normal chicken state,) but don't squawk or struggle.  If a chicken doesn't like something, they do let you know, generally by making noise and running around in what appears to be an aimless fashion, but which to them, is their perfect defense.

In any case, here are some pictures of chicken nail painting.  Sorry, no pictures from my own.

Chicken: Yes, I'm upside-down and confused.  This is normal for me.

Add the polish - no red or they'll peck it.  This chicken gets a lovely greenish-yellow

See how happy they are? 

Post pedicure loveliness.

If you have chickens that are in need of pedicures, bring them over.  The girls would be more than happy to make them beautiful!


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