Crazy girl in the house. And thrift store, dollar store, grocery store, etc. WATCH OUT!

Stella's new meds are working fabulously. In fact, just in the last 1/2 hour, she yelled at me and then in the next breath said, "I'm sorry for yelling but it frustrates me when you ask me to do one thing and then when I'm not even done yet, tell me something else to do." Um, wow?

Now, a side effect of her removed depression/anxiety is that her ADHD is running rampant. We just went to the thrift, craft and dollar stores looking for cookie cutters for the upcoming Ornament Afternoon. She was a whirling dervish, but in a good way? She was skipping about, talking non-stop about everything under the sun, while breaking a creamer, asking for 20,925 things and generally being Stella. "Mommy, mommy, mommy," (because one "mommy" is never enough,"can I get this or this and this and I need this and isn't this cute and look at this and Sandis might like this and the dog is black and I like raisins and look at this!" This diatribe continued for approximately, well, the entire afternoon.

Along with this is her OVER love of the dogs staying with us this week and the dog/cat/horses/pony/chickens we are watching at their house. She doesn't do anything wrong, per se, just her general enthusiasm is a bit much for non-humans (or humans, really.)

This new version of Stella, which is the REAL Stella, is much easier to take than the one that rages for 12 hrs a day. Still though, it wears a person out. Thankfully, Jubelale is out for the season and will make my evening much more pleasant :)


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