Hearts & Horses

Today the Brownie Girl Scouts went to Hearts & Horses for a field trip because the girls all wanted to do stuff with animals. I thought seeing animals helping would be a great thing for them to learn and see. And it certainly was!

The tour was amazing. Mostly because it wasn't a scripted tour or even much of a tour at all. Instead, a woman who works there took us around the complex and showed us what they were doing that day. In the process, they got to meet both horses and humans and see both in action. There were people with disabilities doing some riding. Volunteers were feeding and cleaning. A veterinarian and her students were working on a horse's cut and later floating a horse's teeth (which is taking a giant version of your dentist's drill and grinding off spurs on the horse's teeth.) Everyone was so friendly, it was like a family there. The Girl Scouts seemed to be immediately enveloped into the family and were introduced to the people who came to ride and even helped out giving the horses their lunch.

They are going to have a winter show at Hearts & Horses with people of all abilities riding in it. The girls are quite keen to see that so another trip there may be in our future :)

All the girls carrying a flake of hay to one of the horses:

Getting the flake into the feeder, without having the horse eat it all before it got there:

Watching the vet floating the horse's teeth:


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