The Nightmare Before Christmas

I realized the other day that this movie (my favorite of all time, by the way) can cure any bad day.

It had been a hellish day of screaming, hitting, kicking, screeching and general malcontent (none of those by me, thankyouverymuch.) There was and is no cure for Stellaism and some days just have to be borne.

Still, late afternoon, they asked to watch the Nightmare Before Christmas and I said, "YES!!!" before they could even finish forming the words. Why? Because then they will sit, eyes focused on the glowing screen, becoming zombies sucked inside the world that is not their own. Is it a good thing? Hmmmmmm..... At that moment, I say yes. Generally, not so much. But I needed the aforementioned crap to END and this would do it.

And end it did. They were mesmerized. But, it also had the unexpected side effect of taking me to a happy place. The music, the story, the beautifully done artwork that is the sets and characters, it all took me to a state where I was smiling. Even thinking about it now, I'm smiling. All through work that night I was smiling and humming the songs.

It was magical. I may try it again some time. I don't think it will work every day, for many reasons. But that day it did, and I am thankful.


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