Meet the new week....

...same as the old week.

Yes, now that Stella's birthday is behind us, it's time to get back into our regular week. Things change but they pretty much stay the same. We're busy and trying to not be. This week's schedule:
  • Monday - quasi school (where we didn't sell any f'in' butter braids. Seriously, $12 for a family sized danish? People pay that? I'm sorry I'm not supporting student council, really I am. I like to do things for everything my kids are involved in. But I hate selling anything and this seemed ridiculous.)
  • Monday night - work for me
  • Tuesday - school at home, dentist appt for girls
  • Tuesday night - work for me, group therapy for girls
  • Wednesday - psych appt in Denver, therapy appt in FtC, Girl Scouts for Sandis
  • Wednesday night - teach OWL for me, library raptor program for the girls (and Brian)
  • Thursday - Girl Scout field trip, Rhythmic Movement appt for Stella, hopefully some school
  • Thursday night - Brian goes running, nothing for us???
  • Friday - school and nothing else
  • Friday night - work for me, another Girl Scout field trip
  • Saturday - teach OWL for me
  • Sunday - choir practice for Stella
Then it starts all over again on Monday. I feel like a rodent on a wheel, and I have several who will demonstrate wheel-running process for me if I falter. The following week is better, but only because Girl Scouts and therapy are only twice a month.

I wish we could drop, um, well, EVERYTHING and just stay home. Forever. Won't happen though. Stella has to have therapy. I have to work (it's a money thing, not a Iwanttodoitallandstillbeagreatmom thing.) The girls love Girl Scouts more than anything else. sigh. Someday, I'll have a slow, peaceful life. Probably my next life. Maybe. If I'm lucky. Which I'm not. Fuck. I guess I'll take solace in the fact that soccer is over and that's 3 less things on the schedule each week. That's as good as it gets around here.


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