Six words

Today I'd like to explore the six word epitaph. You've probably head of it since it's a book, been on NPR, is across the internet. If not, click on that link back there and you'll see what it's all about.

I was thinking that I would like to try to see if I could sum up my existence in six words. Then I thought about summing up just parts of my life in six words. It's not easy, but, then again, it does cut to the heart of the matter pretty quickly.

Worked too hard, should have quit.
Learned to love, loved with abandon.
Too many books, not enough time.
Sandis, Stella. These are my triumphs.
Headache this big. Excedrin not working.

Not enough structure, too much structure.
Learning, yelling, fun, experiments, writing, reading.
Meaningless testing over, back to fun.

Autumn is best, Halloween its jewel
Crunchy leaves, orange pumpkins, smiling children
Hot, irritating, sweaty, grouchy is summer

Stella, "I named my butt Piper."
Wanted more. Body, husband said no.
They love and annoy each other.
TV sucks them in. Turned off.

I'll add more tomorrow. For now I'm off to bed to read. After all, there are too many books and not enough time ;)


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