Mailed away......

We completed the PASS testing on Wednesday, whew, lol! Another year and a half until we have to do this again. Actually, even though I don't like doing it, it was pretty painless. It only took 3 sessions of her sitting down and working on it. She liked doing it, thought it was easy. I looked over some of the answers before we sent it off, she was doing pretty well so I'm sure we'll make that 14th percentile cutoff ;)

Put it in the mail on Thursday afternoon. Not sure when we'll get the results but I won't be on the edge of my seat waiting. Neither will she seeing as how it's already outside of her realm of thought. Not only that, I doubt she will care what the results are once they do arrive. Her only other test was the Greek/Roman Mythology exam, and she only cared about that one because she got a medal (for scoring 93+%, I believe.) No medals with this one, so I'm sure it matters not at all :)


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