Try, try again

Our second trip to the Denver psychiatrist commenced today. Well, actually, we only see a Physician's Assistant (PA), but still, they are the ones with the magic notepads that dispense pharmaceuticals, so we'll take it. Nothing definitive happened, that's for sure. The scales we filled out for anxiety, depression and ADHD don't show us much. She's not typical for anything - not surprising to those that know her. The kid isn't typical whether it be for a disorder, getting dressed, working out a problem...she's her own self.

The reaction to the last medication was telling, however. To try and treat ADHD with a stimulant when there is underlying anxiety will make the symptoms we're seeing 10X worse. Ah, that explains the raging demon we had living with us for awhile.

To treat the anxiety, we have to move on to Prozac. A bit scary, daunting, worrisome, insertyourfavoritedescriptivewordhere for mom. Still, I will do it. I need to know if this can help. I can't go on letting her scream and rage, hit and kick. If it was just to me, that would be different but I'm so afraid she's going to alienate her sister. Not to mention that she feels like shit about all of this too. Being that out of control isn't exactly a fun way of life. In the 10min after we left the appointment, she had yelled at her sister no less than 3 times, shoved her, argued with me, poked her sister, hit her sister repeatedly and called both of us names. Yes this was when we were leaving the building, getting in the car and driving less than a block to the gas station. We won't even continue on to lunch and beyond, it's just too bleak. The girl needs something to help her.

Her regular therapist thinks she may just be a stubborn, willful child who wants her own way all the time. Let's hope that's not the case because if it is, there is no drug that will help her. Or us.


  • April | November 9, 2011 at 10:16 PM

    Oh there's drugs that might help... they're just not legal. ;-)

    I don't believe that being stubborn and willful is it.(or at least all of it) How could she be so unhappy being out of control if it was just her wanting to get her way? She doesn't want to feel that way.

    And there are somethings that will help you. Shall we have wine next time we see each other? Hugs ((Shawn))

  • Deb Linne | November 10, 2011 at 5:39 AM

    So sorry, Shawn! Thinking of you guys!!

  • Momma | November 10, 2011 at 10:42 AM

    Oh, Shawn, I'm so sorry! Finding the right med is so hard. Just fyi, there is a non-stimulant add med out there--intuniv. Ez is on it because he just couldn't tolerate the stimulant meds. Actually, he does take a small does of vyvanse, which is a stimulant to boost the intuniv.

    Have you read *The Explosive Child* by Ross Greene? I've found it very helpful so far. Fletcher is my explosive one and I was going crazy trying to help him (I still am, but it's better) Hugs to you. You are a great mom.

  • Shawn Walter | November 10, 2011 at 3:34 PM

    Rita, I have read that, but probably should re-read it. Honestly, the explosiveness is the main issue, second would be sleep. Since she's not in "real school" the ADHD is not a huge issue for us, unless that's at the root of the anger issues.

    April, we should get together some time. It seems I only see people in passing these days!

    Deb, it was good seeing you today! We'll have to get the girls together for another playdate some time. They are still talking about the last one :)

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